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Брюки Hunters Element Range Veil Camo (Код: HTL16333)

Брюки Hunters Element Range Veil Camo
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In the past, the primary approach to camouflage patterns has been to mimic your surroundings (mimicry camouflage). Studying the science of animal vision has changed the way we approach concealment, revealing there is so much more to creating a successful camouflage than using nature images and colours.

There are some excellent imitation camouflages available – tree trunks, branches, leaves, reedy blades and bark. Steer clear of those that lack contrast because at ranges of 25m or more they’ll blob into one solid colour – in a human silhouette. Below is a diagram illustrating how a high contrast pattern breaks up your silhouette, as opposed to a low contrast pattern which turns you into a human shaped blob.

We took the concept of camouflage back to square one, and based our pattern and colour choices on the science of animal vision. We have addressed the problems of current camo patterns on the market, and created a universal camo that can be worn in any hunting environment. Utilizing the science behind animal vision to create a combination of patterns and colours that more effectively camouflages within your environment.

Производитель: Hunters Element (Новая Зеландия)
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